Single Sloped Canopies

Single sloped canopies provide a durable, cost-effective means of sheltering people, equipment, inventory, animals, and other posessions from the elements. Ranging from protecting corps and feed such as hay, to providing sun and rain shade to a picnic shelter, these open-air facilities stand the tests of time.

Typical sizes from as little as 12 feet wide by 20 feet long to large shelters running over 5,000 square feet. Heights can be varied to suit your specific needs.

While cost-effective, our single sloped canopies include our industry standard setting features that are found in all Castle Steel Buildings. We raise the bar.

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Features Found in All Castle Steel Buildings

At Castle Steel Buildings, we raise the bar when it comes to steel building quality. All CSB buildings are made from the finest materials. We deliver the total package to specifications that include all of the trimmings.

Beginning with an industrial strength frame consisting of I-beams and channels, we add heavy 26-gauge sheeting to form walls and roofs. All of our walls and roofs are painted. Super strong SMP (Silicon Modified Polymer) paint is available for tough-duty applications.

CSB provides the complete package. Frequently overlooked by others in our industry, CSB buildings include:

And ALL the trimmings are painted in coordinated colors that provide a pleasing attractive and distinct finished building.